When EMI drains your battery. Oh did I just heard you say GREEN?

Not bothered by EMI? Well, you better be not. EMI could be unintentional but it also uses energy and causes extra energy loss. In some scenarios, a lot of energy. Just imaging the continuous emission. The law of energy conservation says that energy is conserved that neither it can be created nor destroyed. EMI takes energy from your battery and causes your battery to lose its juice faster by doing something that is absolutely and utterly useless to the operation of the equipment; on the other hand, more harm. EMI is not a by-product of your system but it has actually become a part of your product happily juicing away your battery. EMI corrupts modulations and transferred bits making your error correction scheme works harder. So, more processing for the CPU and information may have to be sent again and again – uses more energy. “Arggh! Slow internet”, you complained. On some occasions, it causes unnecessary heating due to impedance mismatches, premature component failure, and etc-etc. So, the next time claiming your product is GREEN, make sure it has a managed EMI. Managed here does not just mean not going over the red line.

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