“O ye wire-man, thy wiring method causes EMI. Art thou surprised?”

Well, your house electricity just went banana, and a wire-man who is your dad’s friend’s girlfriend’s dad has just arrived hurriedly into your home at the eleventh hour to fix whatever just in time for your favorite tv. Some rat had chewed off the wire causing it to short into the ground. “I will just pull a wire somewhere, and it will be fixed in no time”, laughed the wireman. And having heard that you are happy that the problem is found. Not known to you that, wiring aren’t so easy that you can ‘simply’ pull and lay. A single cable produces a magnetic field and it needs its pair cable carrying an equal but opposite direction of the current by its side so that the magnetic field can be superimposed (not entirely) and be collapsed. Poor cable management means, to and return cable is not placed near to each other and thus produces a lot of stray magnetic field (which is not coincidently one of the EMC test IEC61000-4-8). This magnetic field is a form of EMI and can sometimes be the cause of the nuisance operation of other equipment. Having said that, tonight before you doze off while staring at the ceiling of your home, you may want to appreciate the masterpiece of O ye your wireman. Oh no, now that you have another extra thing to worry about apart from your WIFI. Read on.

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