5G is new! 5G is great! 5G is almost here! But are your equipment able to handle 5G?

Well, before I write any further, I wish to clarify that I am not against 5G technologies. I am an engineer like many of us and I truly like technological advancements. But in this category, as an EMC consultant, I am worried about the immunity of many electrical products in the market to the 5G frequencies. Cut long story short, there are higher frequency bands that are currently not being included in the EMC standards. Available standards are having a hard time trying to catch these frequencies. Well, you may ask why don’t just include these frequencies in the tests? It is not like that you can flip a switch overnight. Putting that aside, back to the original objective of this post, untested immunity means an unknown operation of the equipment. It could be an intermittent failure, complete failure, catastrophic failure, or even nothing happens at all. We are not talking about food blender or washing machine. What can be more worrying are such as train signaling, airplane avionics, flammable processing industries, and even in hospital ICU. Inability to immune means failure and failure can cause death. Period.

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